Overview of our current and upcoming activities


February 2019

  • Research on the winter dispersal of Fjordland Crested Penguins/Tawaki from Neuseeland (Project 36/19).


January 2019

  • Special Antarctic Voyage from Zoo Zürich in cooperation with the Antarctic Research Trust on MV Island Sky. Expedition leaders Klemens Pütz and Benno Lüthi.


November 2018

  • Grand opening of our research station on Hummock Island, Falkland Islands. Research on the foraging ecology of Magellanic Penguins (Project 35/18) using newly developed camera-loggers.


October 2018

  • Publication of Newsletter 14/18.


21 September 2018


August 2018

  • Publication of the new Calendar 2019.


March 2018

  • Research on the dispersal of juvenile Yellow-Eyed Penguins from New Zeanland in Winter using satellite telemetry (Project 34/18). Data analysis ongoing.


February 2018

  • Research on the winter dispersal of Fjordland Crested Penguins from New Zealand using GLS-loggers and satellite telemetry (Project 33/18). Data analysis ongoing.