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Every year the ART produces a calendar containing a fine selection of pictures presenting subantarctic and Antarctic wildlife. Make sure you don’t miss this popular collectors item.

Price: 30.- € incl. postage within Europe.

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reisebegleiterThis pocket-sized travel guide [in German] can be your companion during visits to the Antarctic Peninsula, the Falklands and South Georgia. It contains chapters on the geology, geography, climate, history, flora and fauna of these destinations as well as descriptions of all major harbours and landing sites during your voyage. The travel guide aims to help you to feel comfortable in an environment, where, after all, humans are only guests.

230 pages, 170 x 122 x 17 mm, 9 maps, 64 pictures, 17 illustrations, 1 figure, in GERMAN

ISBN-10 3-033-00606-X
ISBN-13 978 3-033-00606-5

Price: 30.00 €, excl. postage







This identification guide [in German] for antarctic and subantarctic animals provides informative accounts and pictures of the bird and marine mammal species encountered on a trip to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. It is in the established pocket-size format of our travel guide.

158 pages, 170 x 122 x 17 mm, in GERMAN

ISBN 978-3-033-01791-7

Price: 30.00 €, excl. postage


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A comprehensive guide on the flora of Hummock Island has been published in German and French.

Die Pflanzen von Hummock Island, Falklandinseln
Katharina Kreissig & Alizée Fouchard
ISBN 978-3-033-07885-7

Price: 30,- € exkl. postage

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La flore de l’Ile de Hummock, Iles Falkland
Alizée Fouchard & Katharina Kreissig
ISBN 978-3-347-12366-3 (Paperback)
ISBN 978-3-347-12367-0 (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-3-347-12368-7 (e-Book)

Price: 22,- € exkl. postage

You can order the french version here.







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