In order to monitor the at-sea-behaviour of animals, small devices must be attached to them that record relevant activities during their foraging trips. For example, by using satellite transmitters or GPS-loggers, the position of the animal can be detected, and time-depth-recorders monitor their diving behaviour. You can help by sponsoring individual devices:

 1.) You donate 1500.- Euro, the cost of purchasing a satellite transmitter
The satellite transmitter will be attached to a penguin and will transmit the position of the bird at regular intervals. In this way, we can monitor its migration route. This information is essential in order to establish appropriate conservation measures, e.g. marine reserves. If you decide to sponsor in this way, you will be entitled to “name” your particular penguin and can follow its movements, along with other birds in the group, online. You will also be entitled to receive updates, interim and final reports of the projects undertaken by the ART.

2.) You donate 1000.- Euro, the transmission costs for 100 days.
The transmission of the positional data is only possible through NOAA-satellites circling in orbit. Use of these satellites costs 10.- Euro per day per bird. By purchasing 100 days of satellite working time, you will also be able to follow the migration of the birds on the internet and will be entitled to receive the regular reports.

3.) You donate 500.- Euro, the cost of a time-depth recorder or a GPS-logger.
Apart from the migration route and feeding areas of the birds, their individual diving behaviour gives important data on their biology. The time-depth recorders capture relevant parameters such as dive depth, dive duration and temperature. After retrieval of the devices, data can be downloaded for analysis. GPS-Loggers also store the position of the bird in short time intervals, allowing the reconstruction of their exact  foraging route. You will subsequently receive a detailed report on the diving behaviour of the birds assigned to the project and the conclusions to be drawn. If you choose, you can also be kept regularly up to date with the activities of the ART.

If you are interested in a sponsorship, endow us with a donation. Please note on the subject line either “Satellite transmitter”, “Transmission costs” or “Data logger”. In case you sponsor either a satellite tag or a data logger, please provide also the name of the penguin (e.g. “Satellite transmitter Peter”). We will send a donation receipt in due course.

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