You can support either our scientific research or our conservation actions.


Scientific investigations:

The scientific projects conducted by the ART are aimed at increasing our knowledge of the ecology of Antarctic animals and at providing baseline data for conservation measures. Our research focuses in particular on the behaviour of the animals while at sea. This usually cannot be easily observed, so sophisticated remote sensing devices are attached to the animals to monitor their foraging activities. For example, satellite transmitters allow us to follow their migration routes, and time-depth recorders measure their movement in three dimensions.

Donations are generally used for material expenses and associated costs only, all associated work is based on a voluntary basis. Personnel and labour costs are usually not covered, expept for persons in education who are engaging in matters related to the protection of the Antarctic and Subantarctic flora and fauna. Become a sponsor of a penguin!


Conservation measures:

We have purchased some islands in the Falklands. Our aim is to establish a nature reserve on the ecological intact Sea Lion Islands and to restore the heavily eroded Hummock Island to make it again a heaven for flora and fauna.

How can you help our research?

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