On Hummock Island (303 ha), purchased in 2016, decades of grazing by sheep and horses has led to substantial erosion in about one third of the island. The ART aims to re-vegetate these areas and return them into the original state. In order to achieve this goal, we are dependent on your help! Tussock-planting has proven to be very efficient in the past, and there is substantial experience in the Falklands. As a side-effect, tussock can store ca. 50 t of carbon per hectar, comparable to a temperate forest.

Today, a number of organisations offers carbon compensations. However, very few of these organisations provide details on where and how your money has been spent. We offer you to support the renaturation of Hummock and thereby compensate for your personal carbon footprint. Hummock Island has an area of 303 ha, of which roughly one third is eroded. Preliminary calculations have shown that with ca. 1000 Euro we can renaturate one hectar of Hummock. For each donation worth at least 0.5 ha you will receive a certificate and regular updated on our advances.

Please state ‘Hummock’ on your money transfer.